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DIY Grandma Pants to Chic Joggers

I call them grandma pants because not only do they sit higher on the waist mom style but they go next level with a drawstring elastic waist! I knew they were a keeper when I tried them on in the thrift store and I didn't want to take them off. They felt great. They're very lounge worthy and pajama like. I gave them a makeover and converted them to joggers.

diy chic joggers

I've fully embraced pull on pants. They're great for easy dressing. They feel good after a heavy meal. They don't show awkward bits like leggings can do.

thrift store pants makeover

These velvet pants aren't a completely horrendous 90s find just very basic. I already own a better cut of velvet pants from Belk too. These will look horribly drab as they drag the ground when I'm in flats.

thrift style

Instead of simply taking up the hem, I went for a trendy jogger style pant. I wanted them to look as awesome on the outside as they feel on the inside. Turning them into joggers will also solve the problem of the long pant length too.

DIY Jogger Pants

old or thrift store pants
matching thread
elastic (I used 3" width)
sewing machine

diy joggers
Instructions: Step 1. Measure around your ankle and cut two pieces of elastic the same size. Step 2. Make a casing to fit elastic by folding pant leg up the width of the elastic plus an ½ inch.  Sew ¼ seam in place leaving an inch or two open to insert elastic. Step 3. Push elastic through casing and sew ends of elastic together. Step 4. Close the hem stitch completely and done!

thrift fashion

Do you wear grandma pants?

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What I Wore: ankara top (made in Ghana) - Worthington JC Penney velvet pants (thrift store) - Vince Camuto black pumps (Amazon)  ring (Rocksbox)

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