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Thrift Style Outfit // J. Crew and the Fruit Skirt

The embroidered fruit skirt is one of my favorite thrift store refashions. I managed to hold on to the detail I loved and turn it from ill fitting to just right. I winterized the look by adding a thick sweater and over the knee boots.

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I love this sweater sweatshirt merger. The sweater is all cotton which I rarely find when ruffling the thrift store rack. It wasn't until I googled the item code that I realized it's a man's sweater. Their clothes are so much better. The fabric is nice and soft yet durable. It came out of the dryer looking the same as when it when in. They get the real pockets and natural fibers. We get faux pockets and polyester blends. Why?

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I thought about putting the fruit skirt away in summer storage as it's short in places and the denim is on the lighter side. I'm glad I kept it out. I made it work for a warm winter day. I didn't have to add tights either. The skirt would probably bunch up around my waist so I'm glad for over the knee boots.

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What have you thrifted lately?

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What I Wore: J. Crew sweater sweatshirt (thrift store) - asymmetrical wrap skirt (diy) - OTK boots (JustFab) - earrings (gift)

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