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How To Stay Warm and Cute in Winter Layers

Coming from Chicago, I'm use to abandoning all attempts at cuteness for the sake of complete warmth and comfort while sloshing through dirty snow and fighting sharp wind gusts. I really cannot complain about the cold snap we had a few days ago here in Atlanta. This weekend brewed up some of the coldest weather I've experienced since moving here. It wasn't a Windy City situation but still pretty breezy. I managed to pull together a layered up winter look with thrifted pieces that didn't sacrifice style or comfort.

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Start with a thin base layer.
You want to start out with a thin under layer so you have room to build without looking like a snowman. Now that my hair can fit in a turtleneck, it's my new favorite way to layer. They keep the neck so warm and cozy without a scarf. Scarves can be cumbersome when you're in and out and running around.  Jeggings are a good base layer too. They don't add bulk and they're stretchy enough to fit another pair of leggings or tights underneath for added warmth.

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Keep heat in with a hat.
Covering the head is key. I never fully understood this until I cut my hair off. I picked the wrong season to get a hair cut. There's definitely an extra breeze that whips around my ears and on my scalp. I'm having serious hat challenges too. No hat would fit over my big hair. Now they're too big without hair. Head wraps still work though and are a great option to add a little more visual interest to a look. You can keep it on all day so there's no worry of tragic hat hair or lines when you take a hat off indoors.


Double up on outer layers.
Doubling up on coats can be a challenge. You want to be cute and still be able to move your arms. My tweed coat has nice furry sleeves and a longer length. The inner jacket is leather and pliable so it molds to the thin layer and provides extra warmth in the areas not covered by the coat. Both coats are thrifted and have nice details. If I remove my outer coat, the gold jacket still gives a little something extra to the look.

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Finish with tall boots.
My tall boots are giving me height and an additional layer of insulation around the legs. The wedge is easy to walk in too.

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What your winter layering technique?

What I Wore: turtleneck (Amazon) - J. Brand white jeggings (thrift store) - Walmart George metallic leather jacket (thrift store) - Darling London Imelda fur sleeved tweed coat  (thrift store) - Corso Como wedge tall boots (retail) - ankara fabric headscarf - John Lee Rutledge earrings (gift)

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