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Makeover Thrift Store Blazer With Embroidered Patches

This is an extremely easy diy project. I've had this blazer in my closet forever. I never throw away blazers and jackets. I keep them because they're a closet staple. This one was too big then too small and now the fit is just right. It is rather structured for my relaxed mostly casual closet so I added a playful touch to it with embroidered patches.

embroidered patches makeover on an old blazer

Embroidered patches are one of the trends I'm here for. You can find everything from unicorns to Kanye West embroidered on patches today.

thrift store makeover

I've had the "I hate you so bad" patch in my stash for years waiting for a project. I recently added a few more and played around with the little stash until I achieved just the right look for a striped black blazer.

Makeover Blazer with Embroidered Patches

blazer or jacket

makeover a jacket with patches
Directions Step 1: Purchase iron-on patches. I found mine on Amazon. I bought a lot of 7 for $10. It's probably cheaper at a local spot but that Prime convenience gets me every time. Step 2: Find a blazer you'd like to work on. I used an old one from my closet. You can of course find inexpensive ones at thrift stores. Step 3: Figure out where you'd like to place the patches. I pinned them on and stepped a few feet away from the mannequin to see how I liked the placement. Step 4: Iron the patches on. One of my patches has sequins so I put a cloth over the patch when I ironed it so it wouldn't burn. Done!

sweatshirt blazer and jeans outfit

It was a pretty mild day so I wore it as a jacket over a sweatshirt and jeans combination. I wore it to my orthodontist appointment. My teeth team loved it. I held back the urge to nerd gush about refashion and saved it all here for you.

Are you into the patches trend?

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What I Wore: United Colors of Benetton blazer (old retail) - American Eagle Outfitters sweatshirt (thrift store) - American Eagle Outfitters jeans (mom's closet) - Betsey Johnson platform pumps (Amazon) - earrings (Grey Button)

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