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Thrifted Outfit // Leopard Print Jacket

It's thrift store finds like this leopard print ruffled back jacket that remind me how badly I need to clean my closet. The really great pieces are getting lost in the jumble. I let out a tiny squeal when I spotted this jacket at Savers a couple of years ago. I have only worn it a couple of times since thrifting it though.

thrifted outfit with leopard print jacket

The color palette is so versatile. It should definitely be worn more. It can go with jeans. It can be worn with black and bright colors. I love all of the retro details too like the pleats along the shoulder and the ruffled back which also includes a leather panel. I thought it was 90s vintage when I first picked it up.

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I wore it with a flowy asymmetrical top I picked up at a fashion swap. I didn't think I would be wearing the top until next summer but it goes very well with leopard print and was just the right layer for a mild fall day.

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It was brand new with tags still on. I picked it for the gorgeous pumpkin color. It's a little big but it works. My bra is super exposed underneath the jacket though.

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The best advice I can give about swapping is don't get hung up on the size of an item. Pick pieces you like and find a way to make them work. Tim Gunn knows best. Big dresses can be duster coats. A small dress can be upsized and turned into a tunic.

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Despite my fashion fickle, I'm still on good terms with leggings as pants. It is a great feeling to pull on the stretchy "pants". These have leather side panels which totally pull them away from tights and more towards the pants side. I'm happy to have found these for $2 in a sea of gross looking cheap pilled leggings.

fashion swap

By the way, I cut my hair as you can probably see. My locs were going through a thing. I was going through a thing. Cutting my hair seemed like a good decision. I do miss my locs. I had them half of my life. Change is good though. Yes?

What have you thrifted lately?

What I Wore: Pencey leopard print jacket (thrift store) - True Religion leggings (thrift store) - HYFVE asymmetrical blouse (swap) - Aldo Willa over the knee boots (Amazon) - earrings (Kenya) - necklace (diy)

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