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Thrifted Outfit // DIY Orange Dress and Burgundy Leather

Sometimes I make stuff without adhering to any particular set of rules. I just want to sew something. This is what happened to the heathered orange knit fabric I'm wearing and how the diy chic summer maxi dress tutorial was born. I used the fabric to bang out a dress because I was in the mood to create.

thrift store leather jacket

It has some flaws. Number one being that it's too thick and hearty to wear in summer. Number two is that it's sleeveless and can't be for winter. So I thought. I've been wearing it around the house and realized it's totally doable as an outside piece.

what to wear with orange

I can wear something under or over it to give it sleeves and extra warmth.

For the maiden voyage outdoors, I paired it with a vintage burgundy leather jacket. This was an out of the ordinary color choice for me. I like it. I wanted it to have a 70s vibe to match the decade of the coat. Who knew I would also be matching the color of the dying leaves.
fall maxi dress

Anytime I find a jacket that fits the length of my arms with no alterations, I must have it. The sleeves are a perfect fit and that rarely happens for me and my short arms. It has an amazing fit overall with great details.

vintage leather blazer

This style of jacket is a thrift store staple but it had a few extras that made it unique. I love the decorative seaming in back. In front there are lapel pockets and more buttons than you would normally see on a blazer.

thrift style blogger

My other thrift find are vintage boots that were new when I found them. No wear at all. They have the perfect little triangle heel to make them leg lengthening and walkable. The boots are the same color as the jacket and added some more retro to the look.

I'm really diggin' how it all came together.

What have you thrifted lately?

thrift fashion blogger
What I Wore: tank dress (diy) - vintage leather jacket (thrift store) - vintage Barefoot Originals boots (thrift store) - earrings (retail) - scarf (Sears)

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