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How To Organize Purses in Closet So You'll Actually Carry Them

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You ever wake up and decide you need a change? Every morning I go into my closet to pick my outfit for the day. I walk in. I glance at the hodge podge of purses piled high and collecting dust at the top of the closet. They're just strewn along the top. I don't dare grab one fearing they will all come toppling down. This weekend I solved the purse problem and organized my closet.

organize purses in closet with ease

I have had a struggle closet for quite some time. I am that person who constantly says I have nothing to wear yet my closet is stuffed with clothes. It's hard to find all of my thrift store treasures. The purses were of particular concern.

Being that they are so fun, functional and affordable, I have accumulated quite a few purses.  This tends to happen when one thrifts a lot. The collection has been looking a hot mess though for quite some time.

thrift store purses

Over the weekend my husband and I decided to do a bit of adulting. We brought organization and added space to our closet including the handbag collection. Here's how it was done:

install closet kit

How to Keep Purse Collection Organized

1. Treat yourself to a closet system that will make organization easy. While researching closet kits, I found the Rubbermaid Storage Planner that allowed me to plan and see my organization vision. Then provided me with a handy shopping list to take to Lowes.

Rubbermaid's HomeFree series™ Closet Kits require no cutting and are easy to install. All of the pieces needed are included in the closet kit. It's perfect for those who love the diy life.

rubbermaid storage planner

This was a great project to prepare for the holidays as you seek out those holiday fancy clothes and fancy bags. Organizing the closet unearthed so many gems I had forgotten about. We started with Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ 4-ft to 8-ft Adjustable Mount Wire Shelving Kit with the sole objective of getting the purses wrangled.

lowes rubbrmain closet kits

We went back to Lowes for the Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ 6-ft to10-ft Adjustable Mount Wire Shelving Kit and Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ Wire Shoe Shelf Kit because we were so in awe of the created space that we decided to do an additional wall in the closet.

The shelves expand and there are telescoping rods so that you can organize in a way that makes sense for you. You can expand as your life changes. Thrift happens so we'll likely need a new configuration in a few months.

walk in closet kits

Our before closet was pretty standard - a rectangular walk in with one long bar. One side for me. One side for him and we shared the middle bar. Now my shelf has been raised and shelves added so that I have room for sweaters, purses, and more! I have so much extra space now.

closet organization

The shelf we shared on the back wall was taken down and the Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ 6-ft to10-ft Shelving Kit put up which created an additional row of shelving. Edward has the top row plus shoe storage. I have the lower half to fill up!

We were able to double the size of closet just like that. I don't know why didn't do this sooner.
purse organization

2. Organize by color. I've tried this with my clothes and I didn't find it to be all that useful. I like to find those unlikely pairings that work great together. Color coding my clothes interferes with that process. With purses though, I have a clear idea of what color bag I want to wear with an outfit so putting the colors together helps me find what I'm looking for faster.

3. Keep everyday bags front and center. Keep the purses you use most often front and center so they're easy to pull when you're picking out an outfit to wear. All of my purses were in a very inconvenient place which made changing purses a big ordeal. Now that they are upright on dedicated "purse" shelves, I can see and pull with ease.

4. Donate or sell handbags that haven't been touched in couple of years. Keeping closets organized will require occasional pruning. As you add you must also take away. Limit yourself to a certain number and add or subtract to keep the closet continuously organized.

Do you have a massive purse collection? How do you organize your closet?

diy closet kit

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