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Thrifted Outfit // Vintage Plaid + Leather Panel Leggings

I have made peace with leggings as pants. They are comfortable. They are cozy. They are not pants but I'm ok with that. I don't normally go for thrift store leggings as they are likely thin ones in poor condition. I thrifted a pair with leather panels. Thus, giving them pant like qualities. I decided they were worth the $1 I paid for them.

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Leggings can be tricky. If they are too tight and thin you risk over exposure. I had to try these on to make my final determination about them. I wasn't completely sold when I tried them on either. The dark lighting wasn't telling me everything I needed to know.

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Since they were on sale and only a $1, I took a chance on them. The leather side panels are a nice tough. I figured I could repurpose those if the leggings as pants didn't work out too well.

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I bought the vintage shirt in the men's section. That was when I discovered the awesomeness of men's clothes. It's well constructed and has a long tunic like length that's perfect for wearing with leggings. Last year, it was too tight on the hips to wear this way and it was my go to knotted faux crop top. It's very versatile. I've kept it in the closet all summer even with the long sleeves. The broken in soft sleeves easily rolls.

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I see that that this is going to be a favorite look for me this fall. I'm going through my "season transition I don't know what to wear" phase. It's still too warm to unpack my winter clothes. Most of the clothes that are in the closet are not warm enough to wear. Men's shirt and leggings are going to be my easy button until I fully make the change and get my closet in order.

Do you shop the men's section? Do you buy thrift store leggings?

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What I Wore: vintage plaid shirt (thrift store) - True Religion leather panel leggings (thrift store) - leopard print flats (Nordstrom) - Trifari vintage necklace (Vintage Garage Chicago) - earrings (Kenya) - headscarf (Sears)

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