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Thrifted Outfit // Kimono + Vintage Levis Jeans

Kept it simple in tank and vintage Levi's for the debut of my self made kimono. We're having some chilly mornings and nights and I needed something to give me a little bit of warmth and could also easily fold up in purse during the day. The large sleeves of a kimono also offer extra room to add multiple layers when the temperature does dip low this winter.

kimono worn with vintage levis thrifted outfit

I don't dress according to silly rules like no white after Labor Day. I grabbed this tank top because I was looking for simplicity on a Sunday. It's as basic as you can get.

outfit with kimono jacket

Vintage Levi's are as basic as they come too. I love them for the high waist goodness and fullness at the thighs.  Jeans today stretch over the thighs but vintage jeans actually have thigh room. Feels good.

african print batik kimono

I kept to a very neutral color palette with my accessory choices. I wanted to save all my vibrant color for the kimono so I wore black pumps that go with everything. They also give me some added height to balance the length of my kimono.

diy kimono

I dug out a scarf that was buried underneath a bunch of stuff and hasn't been seen in three years. How'd I let that happen? It's so soft and works perfectly as a head wrap.  The earrings are beautiful, classic and handmade just like the choker necklace I made last week.

thrifting blog

Now we return to the kimono that I am loving so much. The purples and greens go together in an unconventional way all mixed up in a beautiful hand stamped print. I'll definitely be enjoying this one for the rest of year.

What do you wear with a kimono jacket?

thrifted outfit
What I Wore: african batik print kimono (diy) - tank top (Walmart) - vintage Levi's jeans (thrift store) - black Vince Camuto pumps (off 5th ave) copper hoop earrings (Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry) - necklace (diy) - scarf (Sears)

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