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Thrifted Outfit // Denim and DVF

I was excited to rock a denim on denim look with DVF ankle boots. I went outside thinking I was dressing for a crisp fall day but it turned into a sunny and warmish day. I haven't worn the Zara top since the beginning of spring. It was an impulse buy from a trip to Miami.

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Somebody turned the heat off when I visited and I needed to buy extra clothes to stay warm. That was crazy but I'm glad I found this top. The ruffly collar and sleeves have a victorian vibe and the cropped boxy length gives a modern touch.

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I paired it with jeans that used to be on my favorite thrift store jeans list. They are perfectly broken in and used to sit at my waist which was a real win before I discovered mom jeans. These are super saggy now. They will go in the donation pile. It's been a good run.

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I had no idea Diane von Furstenberg made shoes until I discovered these ankle boots at the thrift store. They are a good basic to pair with jeans or dresses. They have a very unique pentagon shaped chunky heel that adds some visual interest.

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The necklace is a Goodwill find. I have a thing for beaded necklaces and spotted this colorful jumble as I was heading out of the door. I don't normally hang out at the jewelry counter. It's kind of like what happens when you shop Target. You go in for one thing but come out with several things and wonder where the money went. Same thing happens at the thrift store jewelry counter. All the baubles add up and I never get around to wearing it.

outfit with turban for fall

What have you thrifted lately?

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What I Wore: chambray top (Zara) - Uniqlo jeans (thrift store) - Diane von Furstenberg ankle boots (thrift store) - vintage necklace (thrift store) - turban (Amazon)

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