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DIY Ugly Thrift Store Find to Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

I bought a thrift store skirt even though it was a firm "no way girl" at the thrift store mirror. One of the advanced age thriftanistas unapologetically told me "it was unflattering to my figure". I liked the fruit bouquet embroidered patch so I bought it anyway. It was a too big elastic waist skirt and now it's a fitted asymmetrical wrap skirt.

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As you know, I'm a big fan of elastic waist. I usually put some in as an easy fix for a lot of refashions. It's a great way to upsize a too small skirt. This time I removed it to take in a too big skirt. My main reason for buying the ill fitting skirt was the cute patch. It's so whimsical and ugly in a cute way.

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I decided to make a wrap skirt because it was the easiest. A pencil skirt was going to need zippers and shaping. Wrap it around and sew on hooks and it's done! I added an asymmetrical hemline to give it a little edge to balance the kitschy patch.

thrift store refashion

Patches, badges and pins on denim has been trending which makes this the perfect thrift store refashion for fall. My big old skirt looks very fresh and current now.

too big elastic waist skirt
(2) hook and eyes
matching thread
sewing machine or liquid stitch
seam ripper


1. Remove elastic from skirt with seam ripper.
2. Rip open a side seam. You should have one long rectangle now.
3. Wrap skirt around yourself and mark where how long you would like the skirt at one end and how short you want it at the other end. Add 2" for bottom hem and seams.

sew asymmetrical skirt

4. Cut bottom hem on an angle. I folded the bottom hem up and fashioned a right angle to use as a guide.

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5. Fold and sew upper raw edge. Fold and sew raw side edges.
6. Attach hook and eyes. One to fit waistline and one to keep surplus closed.
7. Sew bottom hem.

too big skirt refashion
How's your patch collection coming along?

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What I Wore: silk Banana Republic shirt (thrift store) - vintage skirt diy (thrift store) - earrings and necklace (estate sale) - ring (Unclaimed Baggage) - gold Reiss pumps (thredUP)

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