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Thrifted Outfit | High Low Long Dashiki Tee

The heat is still blazing therefore I will continue to wear my summer clothes. Today's outfit isn't thrift store this time around. My friends went to Ghana and came back with gifts! It's a cozy soft tee with benefits. It's like a dress but not. It zip in front so it can be layered and worn as a light jacket. It is simply adorned with a dashiki print neckline therefore I am in love.

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The dashiki tee also comes with a matching skirt. I decided not to wear it today. It was a jeans day. A dim sum brunch required a tough garment to keep food baby tucked in while I feasted on cheat day. I was pleasantly surprised to find high waist jeans in Old Navy. There were only two pairs in the entire store and I was lucky enough to fit one of them. They're at my belly button and not above like I like them but I'm glad to have found a retail spot for higher rise.

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I was feeling pretty glam with all the fabric flowing behind me so I went ahead and wore my high heels. Now I'm feeling like a 5'4 inch Amazonian woman. This outfit is giving me height!

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My only thrift store finds are the chunky statement ring and the big vintage sunnies. Both are from my Unclaimed Baggage thrift haul. They are a reminder to take another trip there. That place is a treasure trove of unique and interesting finds - old and new. Every thriftanista needs an annual pilgrimage here.

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I don't know if you can tell but I'm pouring sweat. My sunglasses are hiding the makeup that is sliding off of my face. I'm not looking forward to colder weather. I am looking forward to putting away the sweaty beast I've been all summer though.

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What have you thrifted lately?

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What I Wore: dashiki print duster top (gift from Ghana) - Old Navy Rockstar jeans (gift from Mama) - black Vince Camuto pumps (off 5th ave) - white bauble ring (Unclaimed Baggage) - vintage sunglasses (Unclaimed Baggage)

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