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How to Remove Frump From Thrift Store Skirt

Thrift store skirts are my weakness. The patterned skirts from the 80s and 90s are my weakness. So are skirts with pockets. I can't forget high waisted skirts either. Yes, I love those too.  I had to have this one because it also had a unique envelope waist. It was ill fitting though so I made a few adjustments to remove the frump.

This skirt wasn't quite maxi or midi length. It wasn't full or fitted. It just kind of shapelessly hung on my body. Here are the steps I took to give it more shape and make it more figure flattering.

How to De-Frump A Skirt

Step 1: Remove excess fabric.

My go to solution for removing excess fabric is to take in side seams. That was going to be too hard to do with the beloved pockets on the sides. Instead, I turned the skirt inside out and pinned the excess fullness right down the front of the skirt and sewed a new seam following the line of the pins.

This certainly gave the skirt a tighter fit but those pleats in front were still oddball and created a pouch right in the tummy area. I sewed them down which took out more fullness and easily flattened out the front.

Step 2: Change the length.

I was not planning on adjusting the length but once I tried it on the length did nothing for me. I had the option of lowering the hemline and try to make it maxi or shortening it. I chose to shorten to mid-calf length.

That way I wouldn't have to finish off a raw edge which would take more time. For the midi length, all I had to do was turn hem up and sew it in place. If I get tired of it, I can take it down for another switch up to the style.

Step 3: Add a split.

Adding a split is my favorite way to remove frump. It's also the simplest. Just pick a side seam or a front seam and open it up with a seam ripper. Topstitch around the opening or use seam tape to neaten it up.

I went with an extra high side split. I didn't have to measure. I ripped the seam right up to the pocket.

How would you take the frump out of a thrift store skirt?

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