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Refashion Thrift Store Top With Appliqué

I made an appliqué out of vintage fabric and added it to a standard issue thrift store shell top for a small and colorful change. I love bold colors. The psychedelic print of a too big vintage barkcloth muumuu captivated me so much that stored it in my fabric stash. I've weeded out a lot of my fabric and even though it's sat untouched for about 10 years, I haven't pitched it.

refashion a thrift store top with applique made from old vintage dress

I haven't had the silk shell as long as the vintage fabric but I'm been holding onto it for quite some time wanting to "do" something to it. There's nothing wrong with it. Just basic. Adding an appliqué adds an interesting detail. You can buy appliqués or just use a fun print from a thrift store find that never quite worked out. Or am I the only one who does that?

thrift store refashion

Refashion Thrift Store Shell Top With Vintage Appliqué

bold print scrap fabric
basic shell top
pinking shears (stops raw edges from unraveling)
fusible adhesive

how to refashion thrift store clothes
Instructions: Step 1 Cut the neckline open. This is optional but a lot of basic shells are fitted around the neck. Cutting open the sides will make it less crowded once you apply the appliqué. Step 2 Cut out pieces of old fabric using natural lines of fabric. I went for a circular pattern to match the shape of the flowers in the print. Step 3 Spray the fabric with fusible adhesive. Step 4 Apply to shell. Fusible adhesive isn't permanent until you iron it. So feel free to play around with your design. Turn top inside out to trim away any raw cuts peeking through the neckline. Turn shell right side out again and iron appliqué in place.

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Optional but I highly recommend making some tacks or sewing a few stitches for extra security.

Do you keep old clothes for refashion projects?

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