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Baubles Bustier and Mom's Jeans

The best things in life are free. These new to me jeans are from my mama's closet. My mom came for a visit and dropped all a few pairs from her hoarder like stash of denim. I've been meaning to replace the ones that no longer fit but I blew my loosey goosey thrift budget up this summer! More so than usual.

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This is my first pair of distressed denim. I've never purposely added holes to my jeans. Nor have I bought them that way. It's one of those repeating trends that I wasn't able to get into. When they're free though, I'm down.


I paired the jeans with an orange bustier top that I thrifted awhile ago. I loved the bright orange color and the cute sun in splendor buttons. I haven't worn it all summer because it's linen and requires ironing. I put it on today sans iron and I have just enough skin to stretch some of those wrinkles out. The steamy heat took care of a few more.

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I certainly didn't need a closed toe shoe today but my brain is shifting to fall mode with the falling leaves and V back in school. It's still very much summer and pools of sweat still collect in vintage pumps. DIY heel tips are still holding up though.

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My necklace is from huge bag of jewelry I bought at an estate sale. A couple of years ago, it reminded me too much of mardi gras beads so I never wore it. Today I'm kinda digging them. My fashion tastes remain fickle.

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All together they represent my style philosophy. Whether free, cheap, old, or secondhand, it doesn't matter. Wear what you like and you're always in fashion.

What's your style philosophy? 

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The Details
necklace - estate sale
Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry earrings - etsy
Amereican Eagle Outfitters jeans - mom's closet
TOTOnKO orange bustier top - thrift store
vintage pumps - thrift store

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