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Stylishly Comfortable in LuLaRoe

We've been celebrating Violet's birthday all weekend. For the birthday feast part of the celebration, I chose an extremely comfortable dress gifted to me by Rachael Moshman, a LuLaRoe fashion consultant. 

lularoe carly dress

This was a perfect choice indeed for Violet's birthday brunch. The dress is extremely soft and comfortable. There's lots of room in it. It's airy for this heat. It's wearable and stylish too.

ankara print headwrap

If you're on Facebook then you've likely been invited to a LuLaRoe sale or two. Fashion consultants have been popping up everywhere. They've created a whole movement of buyers and sellers who share a love and passion for cute and comfortable style.

dressy casual dress

I became completely infatuated with the Cassie skirt because tube skirts are my new thing and LuLaRoe has lots and lots of them in so many colors and prints. I joined a bunch of groups and followed a few sales but never went for it being addicted to thrift and all. Plus, I wasn't sure about the sizing. I haven't quite figured out my go to size since losing weight.

pink lularoe carly dress

When Rachael reached out to me, I knew it was meant to be. She picked some fabulous pieces for me and Violet to try. The Carly dress is my jam! I wasn't too sure it was right for me until I slipped it on. Rachael chose an XXS for me which doesn't align with anything I have in my closet. I was thinking it would be too small.  When I eyeballed it, it looked really big though. Confusing. 

lularoe style

I thought it would be too tent like and matronly but the slight high low hem and close fit on top makes it a lot more appealing on my body. 

It's a dress that can be worn dressed up or down. I dressed it up by adding a low heeled sandal and added my favorite "I can't do nothing with this hair" accessory -- a headwrap. Working out everyday is giving me all kinds of hair problems. Wrapping it up is the easy solution. I went more turban than big bow this time. What do you think?

What was your weekend like?

The Details
headwrap - ankara print fabric
earrings - thrift store
sandals - JustFab

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