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5 Reasons To Trash Your Thrift Store Budget

I balked at the $8.99 price tag at first glance. I didn't know it was a designer find but I liked the comfortable and cute style it had going on. I tried it on and knew the T by Alexander Wang dress was coming home with me. I rarely go over $5 for a thrift store dress and this zip front dress gave me reason to break the budget. 

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The dress was in perfect condition. It had a great fit plus piping trim that's very figure flattering. It's extremely comfortable to wear and washable which is a major plus for me. It's a great easy summer piece but it can transition with layers for colder months too.

Most thriftanistas have a max amount they're willing to spend on thrifted clothes or a max amount they're willing to pay for an item. Mine is $3 an item or no more than $20 for an entire thrift haul. I'm more discerning now but sometimes the budget does go out the window. 

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Here are a few reasons to trash the thrift store budget:

1. Designer finds

Not every designer find is worth the higher price tag. You still need to feel it out for quality. You are likely getting a substantial discount over retail though. This T by Alexander Wang dress was $145 originally so $9 isn't so bad. 

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2. Dresses

A good quality dress can be expensive even the ones that are simply made.  Dresses that have a lining. Dresses in silk, cotton, or linen are worth it. Leather too but that's just me. Dresses in classic shapes and dresses that fit you perfectly are worth the splurge. 


3. Squeal appeal

I've said this before but it's worth repeating. When a slight sound escapes your mouth so fast that you can't control it, buy it. You love it. Love is worth it. Right?

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4. Cost Per Wear

If it's something that you're going to wear or use frequently, then you'll get your money's worth. This dress is super basic. It's easy and I frequently wear it as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Splurging on good quality leather purses are worth the extra cost if you're going to carry it daily.

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5. New With Tags

New items with the tags are worth a few extra bucks because of the novelty of it in a thrift store. I wouldn't necessary splurge on the Target or Forever 21 merchandise. I've seen new with tags Target cost the same as a designer dress in thrift stores but the Target dress is polyester with hanging threads. You're better off just going to Target. The price is likely not all that different.

What do you splurge on at the thrift store?

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