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Thriftin' Ain't Easy. How to Thrift Shop With Ease

Thrifting can be difficult especially when compared to shopping retail. There's a lot more going on in a thrift store. There's a ton of clothes to sort through. Sometimes it's a bit musty and dusty. When you find the rhythm, it can be an exciting and somewhat relaxing experience. 

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A thrift therapy session always puts me in a good mood. While I don't doubt it can be a bit of a hassle having to forage for awesome, I fully believe that everyone can be successful in the hunt for cheap (price not quality) fashionable finds.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Be open.

Nice orderly thrift stores do exist and the experience is lovely but there are lots of treasure in the chaotic, grimy stores as well. There are thousands of items packed into the store so it can become a disorganized, picked over mess throughout the day. Just eat a good meal. Bring a bottle of water and enjoy the dig.

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Size labels aren't created equal.

A general idea of your size is good to have but your "size" changes depending on decade or brand of clothing. Some clothes have the size tags cut out or worn off. The dress I'm wearing has no label at all. Feel free to try on that size smaller / larger dress. It's better to know your bust, waist, and hip measurements and carry a tape measure.

Try before you buy.

Thrift store return policies are strict. You may not be able to return or exchange your purchase at all. You will end up with a closet full of blah if you don't check the fit beforehand. Use a tape measure if you're short on time but trying on is the better option. 

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The best thing to do when hitting up thrift stores is to dress comfortably and be prepared to try on a ton of items. Get in the mirror and assess whether this is the right garment for you. Trying on also makes it easier to check for damaged goods.

Explore all options.

Thrifting can happen in a number of ways. You can shop charity shops, consignment, and vintage stores. There are garage and estate sales. You can explore online thrift stores like ThredUp, Tradesey, Poshmark and Schoola. You can even throw a swap party. There are lots of options available. I like charity shops the best but if I'm short on time or looking for something very specific, I'll hit up a smaller, curated store instead.

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Shop with girlfriends.

Shopping with a friend or two means at least double the eyes looking for great finds! Divide and conquer those racks. Grab what you like and what you think your friends may like. Everything goes into one cart. When you meet up again then you can try on, get a second opinion, and make edits.

What makes your thrift shopping fruitful?

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