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DIY // 5 Easy Bath and Body Projects

I love to make my own bath and body products. The ingredient list is shorter than what's in store bought products and it's a great way to save. All of the diys listed below are fast and easy too. You could theoretically make them all this weekend!

diy bath body and beauty products

1. Guest Soap

Make beautiful soap with glycerin, mold and cute little trinkets to add a little flair to a guest bathroom. Check out the video for the simple to follow tutorial.

2. Cocoa Butter Massage Bars

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to make these chocolate scented nourishing massage bars. They are wonderful for everyday use. They're very cooling and relaxing on a hot summer day.

diy massage bar

3. Body Butter

Whipped shea butter is my standard after shower moisturizer. I love to make a light and fluffy mix that keeps my skin soft and silky smooth all day.

diy body butter

4. Solid Perfume

Essential oil perfumes make a great gift and are also great for travel. This is also a fun way to repurpose old, vintage compacts.

diy perfume

5. Aromatherapy Shower Fizz

My shower fizzes are made to last and fill your shower with scent as you cleanse and rejuvenate. Most of the ingredient list for this diy is likely in the cupboard too.

diy bath bomb

Which bath & body diy would you like to try?

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