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DIY Heel Tip Repair

Here's how it goes for me when I have shoes that need to be repaired. Search for a cobbler online. Go take shoes to him. Ride around in search of an ATM because they don't take cards in this mom and pop shop. Take shoes back to cobbler. Pay $20. Wait about three days plus some extra days for me to find time to circle back to the cobbler which always seems be out of the way. Replacing heel tips at home saves time and money.

heel tip repair

I cleaned my closet over the weekend and out pops these shoes that I thrifted approximately two years ago. They were due for a cobbler visit as the dry vintage heel tips just disintegrated from age the first time I wore them. 

I did some googling to find out how difficult it would be to replace the tips myself. It looked pretty simple so I bought heel tips on Amazon that were roughly $3 a pair and got them in the mail two days later. My husband has tools. He helped me identify what I needed and within minutes my shoes had new heels tips!

replace heel tip

Supplies Needed
2 heel tips (I used 8mm)

1. Use the pliers to pull out the old tip that's screwed into the heel. Turn. Turn. Wiggle. Pull until it comes completely out.

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2. Insert the new heel cap into the hole. Hold the shoe steady. Take out all of your frustrations on that tip and bang the hammer square on that sucker! Bang the sh*t out of it. All done.

My Fitbit thought I was outside riding a bike and recorded some calorie burn from all of the pounding I did (that's what she said). 

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Please mind your digits though. You will hurt if you hit your fingers with the hammer.

heel cap repair

According to Refinery29, these triangular heeled secretary shoes are having a comeback. If you want to get in on the trend, visit the thrift store. They're always there.

I happen to love this type of shoe. The heel height is perfect for wearing casually. They're comfortable to walk in and don't push all of your toes deep into the pointy part of the pump. You can always paint them a fun new color for an updated look.

Do you replace your own heel tips?

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The Details
necklace - vintage (thrift store)
tunic - Macy's (gift)
vintage teal pumps - Proxy (thrift store)

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