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DIY Fabric Bow Belt

So very typical for the belt to be missing on a thrift store dress. I usually don't stress about it but I saw that this particular dress had a surprising yellow belt. A replacement had to be made. Of course, you can thrift store treasure hunt and find the perfect belt at an affordable price. Sewing a simple fabric bow belt doesn't take a lot of time though especially when you have all of the tools in front of you.

fabric bow belt

The dress is from my last thrift haul. It's the one with the nice push up cutlets inside. I noticed the yellow belt loops on the sides of the dress and knew I had to make a replacement. Luckily, Pinterest exists. I was able to complete this project in 30 minutes. The longest chunk of time was turning fabric right side out.

diy bow belt

Supplies Needed

(1) 3 x 3in fabric rectangle
(1) 10 x 3in fabric rectangle
(1) your waist plus 5 x 3in fabric rectangle
interfacing to make the belt sturdier
hook and eye
sewing machine

replacement belt for a dress


1. Add interfacing to longest rectangle (belt). Fold the belt in half lengthwise with right sides touching. Sew around the fold with a ¼ seam. Leave a 2" opening to turn fabric inside out. Sew the opening closed.

diy belt

2. Fold the second rectangle (bow) in half lengthwise.  Sew raw edge. Turn inside out.

diy fabric belt

3. Repeat for smallest third rectangle (knot).

diy style

4. Fold ends of raw edges back on middle rectangle to form a bow shape. Fold the knot over the bow to cover the raw edges. Sew knot closed so that it fits snugly over bow.

5. Attach bow to belt lining up edge of knot with edge of belt on the right end.

fashion diy

6. Sew hook behind bow on back side of belt. Try belt on and use a pin to mark placement of eye. Sew in place. Done!

Do you replace the belt on thrift store dresses?

dress with belt

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