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6 Steps To An Amazing Fashion Swap Party

I love thrift shopping in all forms. Not only is it good for the environment, it's also a great way to indulge a passion for fashion without breaking the bank. Clothes swap parties one of the most economical ways to thrift.

fashion swap party

You trade in your old clothes for new ones. New to you. Just like at thrift stores, brand new clothes can be found. The dress I'm wearing is from a swap party I attended 2 years ago in Chicago. It still had the tag attached. Retail price $138. Swap party price FREE!

swap party tips

Unfortunately, a fantastic swap party doesn't just appear. You have to make it happen. With these easy steps, you can host your own with ease.

swap party steps

Step 1: Send invitations at least three weeks in advance. This gives everyone time to clean out closets. Make sure everyone knows to bring gently used but still fabulous.

Step 2: Ask each guest to bring a a certain number of items to swap. I recommend a three item minimum.

Step 3: Have a game plan as to how you will organize the store. Separate dresses, tops, and bottoms for easy access when it's time to swap. Makes signs or add sticky notes so that when your guests arrive with their items you'll know where everything should go.

Step 4: Set the swap party rules. Keep it simple. Allow everyone to have an equal amount of time to shop. The number of items brought to the event is the number each guest (at the very least) should leave with.

Step 5: Purchase snacks and drinks. Shopping requires sustenance. While guests are building strength, this will also give you time to arrange the store.

Step 6: Commit to donating leftover items to a local shelter or charity shop.

That's it. Enjoy the party and and the new clothes. You can check out pictures and more details of the swap party I hosted here.

Have you planned a fashion swap party? What tips do you have?

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The Details
earrings - (thrift store)
dress - Ann Taylor (swap)
pumps - Vince Camuto (retail)

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