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{Thrift Style Outfit} Sewed and Madewell

This peplum top is likely to bring on a sense of deja vu. Last week, I made a skirt out of this fabric. I sewed this top up yesterday morning. I'm really surprised that it came together so easy. I can never get sleeves right. I managed to get these on without too many mistakes.

thrift store outfit

I'm so happy that I rediscovered this fabric. For years, it's been untouched and aging and within a week, it has become a skirt and a top. I'm working on something small to completely use it up. I'm really bad at throwing things away. I want to completely use it up so I'm not holding on to scraps for the next few year. 

thrifted madewell jeans

These Madewell jeans from Goodwill have already paid for themselves. Not to mention restoring my faith in low rise jeans. I'm still a high waist mom jeans kind of girl but it's nice to have options again. They don't give me plumber butt when I sit down. Everything stays covered. I can feel a breeze though. Hence my dependence on navel level jeans.

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Once again I wore the extremely comfortable $7 wedges. They're so soft and pillowy inside. Just like the jeans, they've paid for themselves already. I've researched the brand because I need more of these cushy soles in my closet. It appears they are no longer around. Sadness.  They give extra height without brutalizing my toes. The suede makes them perfect for chilly weather but also works as a sandal when it's an 80° winter day.

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My only jewelry is an Oyonaa London necklace I won years ago. Just like the brown fabric, the low rise jeans, and the old lady sandals, I dismissed it at first glance but it has proved to be a very valuable addition to my closet.

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What items do you treasure in your closet?

outfits from thrift store
The Details
necklace - (gift)
peplum top - print fabric (diy)
jeans - Madewell (thrift store)
wedge shoes - Natural Comfort (thrift store)

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