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4 Key Pieces to Leave Out of the Donation Pile

When I get the urge to purge, I run from closet to closet like a mad woman throwing things in bags to cart off to Goodwill. I'm pretty good about letting go of pieces because I know there is more fabulous to be had. Despite my proclivity to fashion fickle, I know these key pieces will always have purpose in my closet.

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Jackets and Blazers. I still have blazers I bought over a decade ago. I never ditched them because of the cost and they don't have much wear.  Admittedly, some are a bit more snug than they use to be. I found this jacket at Savers while thrifting with my friend. I picked it for my thrift buddy. We discovered a big stain on the arm which made us both hesitate. In the end, I decided to take a gamble on it and won! Stain came right out.

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Fun Accessories. I love vintage sunglasses. I try not to hoard them but every time I find a unique pair, I can't resist buying them. I have a small collection of around twenty. I had planned on de-stashing by selling some but never get around to it. I have an affinity for oversized 80s styles. This pair looks almost cat eye with the white border accents. That was enough to keep them in the collection.

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Tees. I keep t-shirts out of the donation pile as a courtesy to thrift stores and the developing countries that end up with the overflow. Besides, I like it when my tees are super soft and broken in. The Moxie tee is just now starting to get to that level of vintage coziness I desire. The tee was free along with a bareMinerals lip gloss sample I received. I have no idea where the gloss went but this t-shirt has been in constant rotation.

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Boots. I make one good boot purchase per year. I tend to go for classic shapes in black or brown. The silver booties were unlike anything in my shoe collection at the time with a space age metallic silver color and an acrylic heel. I had just started to experiment with my style and went total impulse with this shoe purchase. I thought they would end up on the dark side of the closet and eventually the thrift store but I continue to wear and enjoy them.

What do you keep in your closet?

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The Details
necklace - vintage (thrift store)
wrap bracelet - diy
sunglasses - vintage (thrift store)
blazer - Anne Klein (thrift store)
graphic tee - gift
jeans - Loft (thrift store)
ankle boots - Apepazza (6pm.com)

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