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Sew Simple Pencil Skirt

Life has been pretty busy and I haven't had a chance to just play around in my craft room. This pencil skirt is the perfect quick project. I feel so accomplished having knocked one out in about 15 minutes. It doesn't require a pattern and only has two seams.

simple pencil skirt diy

The fabric is an oldie in my stash. I've been so fixated on the newer ankara prints that I totally abandoned my seasoned materials. I believe this fabric was a gift because it's not a print I would choose for myself. As a skirt though, I think it looks pretty fabulous.

The skirt is so simple to make that I'm thinking about banging a few more out for vacation. Also, knit fabrics don't wrinkle making it perfect for travel.

ankara print skirt

DIY Pencil Skirt

1 yard knit fabric
matching thread
sewing machine

diy african print skirt


Step 1: Cut two rectangles.
The length will be from where you want the skirt to start to wear you want it to end. Add a couple of inches if you want to finish the raw edges. Mine is 31.5" for high waist to mid calf.

diy pencil skirt

The width is based on your hip (or the largest part of your lower half). Divide the number in half. For example, 38" hips would be 19 inches for the front and back.

Fold fabric in half with right sides facing.  Starting at fold, measure out to half of the divided number. For 38" hips, measure out to 9.5". Mark and cut for entire length of skirt. Repeat.

Step 2: Sew two seams.

With right sides facing, sew ¼" seam on each side. I left a 9" opening on one side for a little bit of leg show.

pencil skirt tutorial

NOTE: I had a large waist gap in back that I took in with darts.

I tucked the raw seam in on top and left the bottom un-hemmed since knits do not unravel and I'm lazy.

midi skirt tutorial

What quick and simple projects have you done lately?

simple skirt to sew
The Details
earrings - vintage (thrift store)
headwrap - ankara fabric (Uganda)
top - Zara (retail)
skirt - diy
wedge shoes - Natural Comfort (thrift store)

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