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No Sew Sequin Top DIY

The special part of the dress was the dazzling multicolor sequins. The shape didn't quite work out for me so I refashioned it into a crop top. Dresses that have an elastic waist are incredibly easy to separate. You have the option of making a skirt, a top, or both. I made a sequin crop top.

sequin top diy

I found this vintage dress at Savers last year. At the time, I liked the way it looked on me but now it's looking rather shapeless. Plus, getting the entire dress over my head without hair getting tangled in sequins was hard. Now that it's a top, it's much more user friendly.

vintage dress from savers

DIY Sequin Top

Supplies Needed
thrift store dress with sequins

Try on and mark on the dress where you want the top to fall. Easier way is to use a blouse from your closet as a template.

refashion a sequin dress to sequin top

My dress has an under layer so it was beyond simple to just cut out the dress. I cut the dress off just above the sequin layer. Since this dress is knit poly, it's not going to unravel and I didn't have to do any sewing.

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Should you find a dress that is all sequins, you can still diy. Even without the the elastic waist or underdress easy option, you can still make the cut. If you have to cut into the sequins, mark a couple of extra inches so that you can finish off the bottom.

You can turn the lower half into a skirt as well. I don't necessarily need a straight black skirt so I'm going to store it in my fabric stash for later.

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The belly exposure is more than I'm comfortable with so this one will likely end up back in the refashion pile. There's enough sequin fabric in the hem to get an inch more of coverage.

Have you made a top out of a dress before?

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The Details
earrings - vintage (thrift store)
sequin top - vintage (diy)
jeans - bdg jeans (thrift store)
pumps - JustFab (gift)

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