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{SAHM Style} Olive Green + Yellow Gingham

Remember that time I said I hate olive green? I take it back. This 90s vintage skirt is a keeper. It was a little tight the last time I wore it so I never revisited it in my closet until now. I toned down the drabness of the skirt with a lot of bright colors. 

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As I've said before, drab olive isn't really a color I'm drawn too. I found the shape of the skirt and front buttons most attractive. Now that I've got some wiggle room in it, I'm definitely going to reach for it as an alternative to my jeans. It's a staple in my mom style wardrobe. It has a comfortable partial elastic waist and a high waistband. The pockets are big enough for phone, keys, and all the receipts I can accumulate in a day. 

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The multicolor necklace from Unclaimed Baggage starts my color injection. It reminds me of beachy feel good fun times. I don't wear it nearly enough. It has enough colors to match everything. 

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I pulled out the yellow gingham because it is spring and Easter time. The yellow reminds me that winter is over even though there's a slight chill to the air. This shirt is made of the softest cotton too. It's a very relaxed button up.

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I finished the look with magenta pumps that I haven't worn in forever. I'm always afraid I'll spill something on the brightly colored suede so they're never my first choice. Not to mention the tears of my left baby toe. My left foot is a half size bigger than the right and I do believe the baby toe is off kilter. Intense pain aside, I friggin' love these shoes. The color, the platform, and the curved heel keep them out of my donation pile.

Do you have an everyday skirt jean alternative? What does it look like?

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The Details
necklace - (thrift store)
yellow gingham shirt - Gap (thrift store)
olive green skirt - Mississippi River Blues (thrift store)
magenta pumps - Dolce Vita (Amazon)

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