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Thrifted and Quilted

The majority of my closet is either old or thrifted. I've had this blouse for at least a decade. I'm surprised it's held up this long. I basically keep it around because I am black blouse deficient. I hold on to for the times like this when I really want all black as a background for a statement piece. I wanted the quilted Floreat skirt from my last thrift haul to be the full show.

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I don't consider myself a quilted clothes kind of girl but when I saw this one at Goodwill it definitely peaked my interest. I specifically zeroed in on the purple needlepoint design. It's a very subtle color change from the black border. The quilting itself is nice and thick making it great for winter. It's pretty casual for everyday too.

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This skirt originally sold for $128. Unlike the Madewell jeans from the same haul, I'm not sure I would have paid that much for this skirt retail. It's high quality and well made. Paying $6 is as high as I would be willing to go. My fashion fickle may not care for it in a couple of months.

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Just like I envisioned, this skirt is made to wear with black. I feel very 70s mod and not in a bad way. I would really love a soft cotton wool turtleneck to go with that vibe but my closet is still suffering from a lack of black. I guess I'll be holding on to my old blouse a little bit longer. The skirt? We will see.

How do you feel about quilted clothing?

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The Details
necklace - (gift)
blouse - Express
skirt - Anthropologie (thrift store)
boots - Aldo (Amazon)

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