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Thrift Stores Make Old Fashion New Again

Dare I say there's no such thing as old fashioned anymore. The fashion don'ts of yesterday are no longer a thing. We're in more of a do as you like era and I like it. If it looks good to you, go for it. That attitude has made thrift store shopping a lot more trendy. 

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When I started thrifting, I stuck with safe clothes that were similar to the brands I'd worn in the past and were actually kind of boring. Once I found my footing and looked around more thoroughly, I found so much more thrift store treasure. 

vintage skirts from a thrift store

I began to ignore details like what year the piece was made. I embraced vintage finds because the styles were more unique and the quality was so much better than newer finds. How can a skirt from thirty years ago look so much better than last month's cute and trendy from a fast fashion store?

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This skirt is one of my favorite finds of all time. It was only $2. It have a vibrant red color that has managed to hold up through several washes.  The pleated front split adds interest. I've worn this skirt a lot in the years since I found it even though the length is kind of oddball on me.  It's not quite maxi length. It doesn't show yams except for the sliver of leg show when I sit down. It's unassumingly sexy which I think is the biggest plus of all.

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I wore it with the polka dot turtleneck that turned out to be far more versatile than I thought. Short sleeve turtleneck, really? Makes no sense or so I thought. With the sun, it's actually warm enough out here for short sleeves. The neck coziness is kind of nice in the shade. It fits perfectly too. It's fitted without being too clingy. The keyhole back is extremely helpful. Most turtlenecks are a struggle and a half to get over the hair. Best feature of all is that it looks great with jeans and with old fashioned skirts.

Do you wear old fashioned clothes?

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The Details
turtleneck - Almost Famous (thrift store)
vintage skirt - Tuttamaglia Gispa (thrift store)
pumps - Joes Jeans (Amazon)

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