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Why You Should Buy Thrift Store Jeans

Just when I had given up on low rise jeans, I thrift a pair of Madewell black skinnies. Black jeans have been on my list for a while. My last Goodwill visit netted this pair and two others that were equally as fabulous. Madewell jeans are indeed made well.

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I don't know if it's all the new year, new me fitness regime or if the thrift gods were feeling extra generous. Either way, the fit of these jeans are amazing. The rise isn't super low. My butt stays completely covered when I sit. I'm not getting a muffin top. They retain their shape. I wore them fresh out the dryer and the entire weekend. They still look and feel the same.

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I love it when thrift stores introduce me to brands I likely wouldn't know otherwise. These jeans retail $125 a pair and while I think they are well worth every penny, I'm not ready to cough up that much for jeans. I can handle $6 at Goodwill though.

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In addition to having great prices, there are other benefits to buying jeans secondhand:

Most are Pre-Washed

Have you found a perfect pair of jeans and then have them change after the first wash? They no longer fit the same and the color isn't what it used to be. With secondhand jeans, most likely they've already been washed so you know what they will look like all broken in.

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Your Favorite Style is Still Available

As trends come and go, your favorite style may not become readily available. Just because the style has changed doesn't mean you no longer wear it. If the cut is right before the trend, it will still look good on you after the trend. Lets also not forget how trends repeat quite regularly.

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You Can Afford to Tailor 

Tailored clothes can turn the mediocre to amazing. If the hem or waist need a little adjusting or you want to go from boot cut to straight, you can have a tailor do that for you with all of the money you saved buying thrift! You can keep cost low here too by doing a jeans hem or changing the pant leg too!

How's your luck with thrift store jeans?

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