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Thrift Haul: What $90 Buys at Goodwill

It's been two months since my last thrift store visit. Therefore, I went on kind of a bender with a pretty expensive $89 thrift haul! My last Goodwill trip was months before that. There are closer and cheaper stores near me. Venturing out to a far away location while V was in school turned out to be very fruitful though. I had a lot of designer finds and my total retail value is over $700!

february thrift haul

My favorite item out of the bunch is a D&G wool skirt. It doesn't fit. I can get it on but I cannot walk.  I have weight loss goals this year that will have me in this skirt next winter. Pinky swear.

d&g wool skirt from thrift store

My second favorite would have to be the skinny leg trinity. I bought knee high boots and went in search of skinny jeans to wear with them. I found Madewell black, Loft grey, and Gap indigo jeans that fit and are in good shape. After I left, I discovered the cashier undercharged me on two pairs. Thrift Gods were surely with me.

madewell thrift store jeans
jeans thrift haul

The skirts I found all had unique prints. The vintage silk one would be great with a black top that I also want to add to my closet. The Zara skirt has that full circle shape that I'm drawn too. The mini skirt is Floreat, an Anthropologie brand and has a beautiful quilted pattern.

vintage silk midi skirt
asos skirt from thrift store
anthropologie skirt from goodwill thrift store

I haven't bought animal print in a long time. It's one of my closet staples and was excited when this J. Crew tunic dress fit me perfectly.

j. crew thrift store find

My other J. Crew find was a sequin sweatshirt. We all know how I feel about sequins.

first thrift haul of 2016

The lacoste velour sweatshirt and the Athleta sweater will help me do my morning fitness and not look like a hot mess dropping V off at school. Win win for everyone.

lacoste velour sweatshirt
athleta wool sweater

Three cheers for the poncho because I have never owned anything made of Alpaca wool. It's soft, thick and non scratchy. I was able to see myself weekend brunching in it with skinnies, white shirt, and wedge boots.

alpaca poncho

Last but not least are a pair of super comfy joggers and standard issue athletic pants (pictured with jeans). The high waist on the joggers are super flattering and I need more pants to walk in. If you haven't already guessed, I'm serious about my fitness goals this year. Less than a month in and my clothes are already fitting better.

thrift haul from january

What have you thrifted lately?

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