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J. Crew at Goodwill

I'm so happy to have discovered this J. Crew dress at Goodwill for only $7. The retail price was $188 and it's still going for about $50 in online thrift stores.  There's so much to love and even style elements I wouldn't normally be a fan of are working too. It's a classic.

j. crew jules dress from goodwill thrift store

The cut of this dress is perfect for everyday wear. It's not to short or too long. It has pockets. It slides on real easy and it's extremely comfortable to wear. No wonder it was such a blogger favorite in 2011. I came across so many great blog posts from the past when researching the origins of this dress. It looked great on everyone.

j. crew jules dress in wildcat

I'm surprised by how much I like the length of this dress. It's short but it doesn't feel short. I guess the straight shape is keeping me from feeling overexposed. Originally, when I examined the dress, I was concerned about the straightness. Sack dresses truly do look like sacks on me. I threw it in the cart anyway and tried it on. It didn't look anything like I imagined it would. The close cut is keeping me from looking like I'm wearing a bag. You really do have to try it all when you go thrifting. You just never know.

thrift store clothes

I noticed that the J. Crew Jules dress came in a variety in prints and patterns. I'm glad I crossed paths with the wildcat print. Animal prints are so versatile. They match everything. Animal prints are the only way I can wear black and brown together. It's one of the few color combinations that I can't get with. Doesn't bother me in a print though. Funny how that works.

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I kept the look simple and went with black tights and black boots. It was colder than I thought outside but my feet and legs remained toasty warm. The dress is lined so that's helping me out a bit. Fingers are frozen though so I bid you adieu.

thrifted outfit

How do you feel about sack dresses?

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The Details
handmade necklace -  Kenya
dress - J. Crew (thrifted)
boots - Aldo Willa (Amazon)

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