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How to Get Fit When You Hate Exercise

I'm still plugging away at my fitness and weight loss goals on my vision board. My weight hasn't dropped significantly. I've lost 4 pounds and I'm still carrying a bit of "holiday" weight. My clothes are fitting better though and I've noticed some changes health wise. My resting heart rate is lower so that's a sure sign of better fitness. My BMI is now in a better place to combat high blood pressure too.

how to get fit when you hate to exercise

I loathe exercise but I finally hit rock bottom and accepted that it has to be done. I treat it like brushing my teeth or wearing my contact lenses. Exercise has become a part of my routine. I just do it. Here's how I make it happen.

1. Change Mindset

I'm looking to drop at least 20 pounds. I thought for sure I could reach my goal weight in a month. Realistically, that's not possible especially if I want to maintain going forward. I'm used to losing weight fast. Was that water weight? Possibly. Was I younger and more active? Yes. This recent weight change isn't coming off like it used to. Six weeks after giving birth to Violet, I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight. It's harder now. I accept that. I realize dietary changes have to be made too. I've let go of my evening wine wind down. Now I have one (or two) a week and stick to a 4 oz pour. I'm not restricting my food either must making healthier decisions. I don't treat myself to a pastry or large quantities of cheese as much.

thrift store athleta sweater

2. Be Prepared

One of the things that's helped me tremendously is being prepared. Once I drop V at school, I'm ready to bang out my streaming exercise program. I wear full workout or partial workout gear most of the time so I'm ready to go without excuses. My outfit today includes the cozy warm sweater that's perfect for a brisk walk. It has a hood and thumb holes. It's still stylish enough to run around in and look like I tried. It's from my last Goodwill thrift haul.

buying workout clothes at thrift store

3. Slow and Steady

I can't do high-intensity interval training right now. I don't know if it's the sedentary lifestyle I've been living or iron levels or just being a total wuss. I feel like I'm going to pass out and I never even make it pass the warm up.

thrift casual sahm outfit

I've taken up walk fitness.  I do a minimum of thirty minutes everyday. I'm strictly low intensity workouts. It's slow but effective. Lately, I've been incorporating a dance like no one is watching session. Nothing formal. Just moving enough to get heart rate up and a little sweaty.

4. Be Consistent

I take no days off because I know me. One day off will become two then I'm on the couch binge watching something on Netflix. Since my workouts are lower intensity, it's not a strain. I tell myself it's only 30 minutes. If I can't get around to a formal workout then I do the dance party while V is having bath time or marching in place while I'm watching tv. I started with 30 minutes a day and now I'm averaging at least an hour of activity in a day.

sahm style

How are you doing on those new year goals? 

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