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Full to Fitted Thrift Store Dress DIY

It doesn't happen too often but every once in a while I thrift something that's a little too big in the hips. Super rare. When I tried this full skirted velour dress on, it seemed fine. Maybe it was my under layer bulking me up when I tried it on at the thrift store mirror. 

full to fitted thrift store dress refashion

What attracted me to the dress was the rich plum color and thick velour. I don't find many truly winter appropriate dresses. This one is extra cozy and warm. It reminds me of my vintage muumuu loungewear collection. It's much more presentable though. It's just as easy to throw on too. 

I've mostly outgrown the that fixer upper phase as it tends to lead to me hoarding a bunch of ill fitting clothes that I rarely if ever get around to fixing. Anyway, I have the dress and took it from full to fitted. It was super easy to to do. Only a two step process.

refashion oversized dress to fitted

sewing pins
sewing machine
skirt template (optional)

1. Turn the dress inside out and pin the desired shape.
2.  Sew up the new sides next to the pins. Trim away the excess and done! 

thrift store dress refashion

I overestimated the stretch in this dress and it ended up being a bit more fitted than I wanted. I wanted straight and it turned out more pencil. If I were to do it over again, I would use a skirt as at template and trace around it first.

Such is life.

Have you ever taken a dress from full to fitted?

fashion diy with thrift store dress
The Details
necklace - vintage (estate sale)
belt - mall
dress - vintage (thrift store)

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