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Thrift Store Outfits: Sequins + Fur

It seems I will not be able to hibernate like I'd really like to do. Even though winter showed up about a week ago, I'm already over it. I was rather excited about wearing my Christmas gift from my mom though -- an incredibly warm and wind blocking faux shearling fur vest.

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I'm currently binge watching the old school soap opera Dynasty. My vest reminds me of the big ol' coats worn on the show.  Rather in elegant gown going to the gala or taking a trip to the stables in jeans, Krystal and Alexis were all wrapped up in a humongous fur coat. You can't help but bring the drama when wearing animal pelts.

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I added sleeves to the look in the form of a metallic leather jacket. I purchased it in the early days of thrift blogging. I paid $5 at a small, local shop. I haven't worn it in years and had planned on repurposing it. I only laid eyes on it because I needed leather for a diy clutch. It was spared (for now) and lives to serve its original purpose. It's not really my style anymore but it looks pretty good with the vest.

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Underneath I'm in jeans and sequins. When the sun shines like this, I can't help but pull out the sequins. It's my everyday party shirt. Even a trip to the grocery store feels like a fancy affair. 

I can't really date this particular sequin piece from the sequin collection but it is in excellent shape with all of the sequins intact. A rare occurrence. I love this particular blouse because the color and pattern give off a disco Charlie Brown vibe and that's not something you come across everyday.

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How many layers have you worn so far this winter?

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The Details
sequin shirt (thrift store)
GB faux fur vest (gift)
George metallic leather jacket (thrift store)
Uniqlo jeans (thrift store)
Steve Madden ankle boots (Macys)

thrift store sequins

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