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19 Simple Ways to Perk Up Thrifted Outfits

Common thrift store staples like tees, vintage, and leather can come together in very chic ways. You don't need a lot of money. You don't need to follow the latest trends. Just embrace your own personal style and wear what feels good to you. My thrift style blogger friends do that very well and here are the styling tricks gleaned from their fabulous, one of a kind thrifted outfits.

19 ways to perk up thrifted outfits

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Thrifting Diva
List of thrifted pieces: leather skirt, leopard heels, jacket

Ayana's Styling Tricks:
1. Mixed bold prints of floral and animal print.
2. Kept the rest of the outfit classic in shades of black and tan.
3. Added a topper with clean lines and great details.

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Tales From the Thrift
List of thrifted pieces: turtleneck

Anna's Styling Tricks:
4. Paired a flirty summer dress with a turtleneck to winterize the outfit.
5. Continued the winter ready look with tights and boots.
6. Kept the look interesting with minimal accessories and a patterned dress.

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Valery Brennan
List of thrifted pieces: denim jacket, sunnies

Valery's Styling Tricks:
7. Embraced a love of Star Wars in a very chic way.
8. Kept the look casual by wearing sneakers with dress.

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Melodic Thrifty & Chic
List of thrifted pieces: plaid coat, red dress

Anna's Styling Tricks:
9. Created a monochromatic look with red plaid against red dress.
10. Balanced the look with a dark shade of black.
11. Added some fun to the outfit with patterned tights.

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Dina's Days
List of thrifted pieces: jacket, tee, plaid skirt, vintage purse

Dina's Styling Tricks:
12. Pulling out different shades of green to compliment the plaid skirt.
13. Mixing vintage handbag with modern cut leather jacket to keep the entire look fresh and current.
14. Kept top simple while letting the plaid skirt get all the shine.

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Thrift and Shout Blog
List of thrifted pieces: faux leather leggings

Lindsey's Styling Tricks:
15. Wore a tunic length basic button up to contrast with the edgy faux leather leggings.
16. Added a stunning statement necklace.

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Two Stylish Kays
List of thrifted pieces: vintage clutch, blouse, skirt, boots

Karen's Styling Tricks:
17. Kept the monochromatic color palette interesting by mixing patterns.
18. Added a pop of color with nail polish.
19. Subtle print on top and bolder print on the bottom while staying with the black/white color combination.

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How do you perk up thrifted outfits?

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