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Thrift Style Poncho Tee

I'm in the thrift store mirror hemming and hawing about whether or not to buy the poncho top when a fellow thriftanista gives me the nod. Her approval is what I needed to move forward with my purchase. I'm glad she intervened. Thrift store friends are the best at enabling. They are always on team "get it, girl".
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Usually tops like this bloat me up so I avoid them. It looked super comfy when I spotted it though. It's easy and I need easy on early mornings. Ironically, this top is perfect for a high bloat, water retentive day. The close fit hides the puff without an overall bulking up.

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Nothing is fitting like it should right now. I can't blame it all on the bloat though. I've been on a high pie and champagne diet since Thanksgiving.

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I was in the mood to wear jeans but they are super annoying and tight right now. Before I hit the vintage jean skirt jackpot this year (found 3), all I had was a vintage inspired straight skirt that was a little loose in the waist. Last year's too big skirt is right now's perfect fit.
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My boot choice was a bad move all around. Not only is it indian summer but fluid retention applies to legs too. They were immediately sent back to the dark dungeon side of the closet to wait for the next day I'm in the mood for red boots but not holding on to fluids.

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Do you meet enablers at the thrift store?

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The Details
Fiona & Purple poncho tee (thrifted) - $3
Gap skirt (thrifted) - old
vintage necklace (thrifted) - old
Barefoot Originals vintage boots (thrifted) - $5

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