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How to Rock Your Holiday Thrift Style

Holiday parties and events are in full swing. You may be dressing up a bit more than you normally do and struggling with putting your outfits together. Remixing outfits already in your closet or finding a few secondhand pieces may be the way to go. Here's how you can keep your holiday look festive and stylish with thrift store finds.

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1. It's no surprise that sequins tops my list of must haves for the holidays. I love sequins. I especially love wearing them in bright sunshine and watching the magic light show. Sequins can be dressed up or simply with jeans. My choice of plaid pants are directly inspired by an outfit I found on Pinterest.
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Red and green plaids are also festive this time of year. My first option for wearing plaid pants was to go with a white shirt or a black shirt. Neither one dazzled me as much as the pairing with sequins and animal print.

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2. The color red is an obvious choice for the holidays. It's everywhere and it's a vibrant color that suits a lot of skin tones. It's sultry. It's bold. It's easy to find in thrift stores and in your own personal wardrobe. A red dress for the holidays is a classic. The red dress I have is simple but it has dolman sleeves and lots of darts and textures that give shape and make it interesting.

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3. While vintage and the holidays don't necessary go hand in hand, choosing a vintage piece for holiday parties will definitely make a statement. My 1970s vintage maxi skirt wowed me with an unexpected side split. The high waist keeps my gut from flopping over and spilling out too. It's nicely tucked away under the waistband and camouflaged by a bold print.

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4. If you're planning to keep it super casual with jeans and you aren't down with ugly Christmas sweaters, then a festive graphic tee will work. I found mine kind of randomly. I wasn't looking for it but I knew I had to have it as I explained in my Black Friday thrift haul post. Mele Kalikimaka, y'all.

What will you be wearing to your holiday parties and gatherings?

I've teamed up with some of my favorite mom bloggers to provide a full guide to the holidays. You'll find inspiration and ideas for every aspect of the season. From gift giving to style and decor, we have you covered. There's also a link up below if there's a holiday post you'd like to share.


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