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How to Custom Design an Applique in PicMonkey

My cozy, broken in sweatshirt from the last thrift haul was fine the way it was but the diy spirit came over me and it was in my line of vision so it received a makeover. I designed an appliqué in PicMonkey and created a graphic sweatshirt of my own likeness.

custom design applique picmonkey

picmonkey applique

How to design appliqué in PicMonkey:

Step 1: Find the picture you'd like to use for the portrait. Open it in PicMonkey. Crop it if necessary so that it's just a head.

Step 2: Go to effects (magic wand) and choose "Draw". Color the background white. Be careful when tracing the edges. Draw over the portrait any details you'd like to highlight. I chose lips but started out doing earrings. You can choose eyes or nothing at all.

Step 3: Color in the remainder with another color. I took a few liberties and added more hair for a fuller effect.

Step 4: Save it. Now you have a template.

I added sunglasses to my template by repeating the steps using a different picture.

diy graphic sweatshirt

How to add appliqué to sweatshirt:

old or thrifted sweatshirt
appliqué template
fabric scraps - the largest piece fits on a sheet of paper
liquid stitch

locs girl graphic sweatshirt

Step 1: Print your template or use my loc girl template.

Step 2: Cut out and place the face template over fabric and cut around it. Reuse the same template when cutting the lips out.

Step 3: Affix face to front of shirt with Liquid Stitch and then apply lips and glasses. Allow to dry a few hours. I was hasty and I can see some lifting happening. Do as I say and not as I do.


I set out to do something Christmasy like a deer or a tree but ended up doing the picture appliqué. There are endless possibilities. This is easy enough to do with kids too. Have fun!

thrift store fashion
The Details
Hanes sweatshirt (thrifted) - $2
Express cargo leggings - old
Joes Jeans D'orsay pumps - old

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