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Weekend Thrifting in Chicago

Last weekend, I spent the weekend in Chicago. Of course, I made time for a little thrifting! First stop was Savers because I miss them so much. I also stopped at Old Faithful aka Goodwill since it was nearby. I spent $76 in Savers and another $10 at Goodwill. I was way over my $20 or $3 per item budget. I bought three dresses, two pairs of shoes, a coat and more. I paid more than would have been ideal but they're all worth it. The jacket alone retails more than what I spent.

Goodwill was my third thrift shop of the day. I briefly checked out local thrift chain Wings Resale. I picked up a few books and DVDs for V but nothing else. I wasn't expecting to do much damage when I stepped in Goodwill.

I wasn't having any luck and as I was doing a final scan of the store, I spotted this red dress in the costume section. Gorgeous red. Beautiful silk. Beautifully made. Vintage 80s. Rhinestone trim. Low back. Basically, this dress is everything.

However, all my back won't fit into it. I don't think I'll be making it fit at home. I'll need a professional to move some length from the bottom to add to the back. It is the star of my entire haul. The rest of the haul is from Savers.

The puffy kimono jacket from Rachel by Rachel Roy is another on the way out purchase. I saw it on the way to the register. I didn't try it on. For the first time in a long time, I shopped with V and she was over it like 30 minutes ago. I can never pass on a good coat though. It's soft and warm. I can't wait to wear them with opera gloves this winter.

I like jumpsuits and took this polka dot number to the dressing room to try it out. I was really impressed by the slimming properties and decided it was a keeper. Instagram and Facebook agree.

When you go shopping in heels and your feet start to hurt, flats comfortable shoes are all you can think about. That's my explanation for ending up with two pairs of black shoes. One, a ballet flat with a white sole that I'm totally digging right now. The other, a comfort platform wedge.

The Oilily bag spoke to my inner kooky lady. It has the look of a vintage straw purse and the shape of a house. I think it would make a fun camera bag. It was new with tags still attached.

I was in town for a wedding and planned to go bare legged until that Chicago chill slapped me back to reality. The vintage packaging attracted me but I ended up picking up a pair of L'eggs anyway. I need control top.

The vintage shirtdress was not on my radar at all but I just adore equestrian print. It's extremely well made too. I like the letter stamped buttons too. It kinda reminds me of Tory Burch. Styles repeat.

I wasn't sure about the disco dress with sequins as it's going to require dry cleaning but I really like the way it looked when I put it on. Three cheers for for elastic waist dresses!

The color combination on the turquoise and purple top is really pretty. This top also has a center back pleat and button shoulders. I was prepared to put it back but when you've already blown your budget $4 doesn't seem so bad. It had enough details to make it worth buying.

This is my 3rd vintage jean skirt find in the past few months. I wanted to put it back but that high waist wouldn't let me. It's perfection.

I'm still buying up vintage jeans. High waist and extremely soft. I had other pairs but narrowed it down to one. There's plenty out there. No need to buy them all up in one visit.

The vintage western style plaid shirt was another comfy find. It's super soft and broken in. It has pearl snap button too. I found it in the men's sections and now I want to buy all button front shirts there. I like the length and they have tons of wrinkle resistant styles I don't see in women's wear.

What have you thrifted lately? 


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SkokieShopper said...

Was this the Savers on Milwaukee in Glenview and the Wings on Golf Road nearby? Both my fav stops! Next time, check out Second Time Around on Oakton Avenue in Skokie on your way home. Great finds--especially the Oilily bag. Love it! What brand/s are the black shoes?

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