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{SAHM Style} Polka Dot Jumpsuit

It's obvious I cannot quit jumpsuits. I know I'll be in trouble when it's time for a potty break but I still go forth and buy more adult onesies. This stretchy, polka dot number is from my Chicago thrift haul. No easy zipper back on it. It has a very complicated middle button back and requires assistance to get in and out of. 


I was so excited to be thrifting in Chicago that practicality kind of went out the window. Now I'm seeing the error of my ways. You can't wiggle out of this one even though the material is very stretchy. Major design flaw.


Other than that little big thing, I absolutely love this jumpsuit. It's extremely comfortable. Perfect mom wear. I most likely overlooked the button back because of the slimming properties which makes the designer an absolute genius in my book.


I wore my jingly necklace as it goes with everything. Even if it doesn't, I still wear it. It's vintage, noisy, and very unique. I think it breaks up the polka dots a bit.


I wore wear with everything shoes too -- pointy flats with a leopard print that is hidden in the grass. I bought them so that I could walk around comfortably and stylishly at Family Dollar Fabulous. It's too cold for sandals but not quite boot weather yet. I had no in between in my closet. They have been working out very well for my life and style. I don't get that stabby feeling like I do when wearing heels.


This was the perfect outfit for a lovely afternoon at the pre-k and kindergarten dance. It was a pleasure to see what a life of no fear and worries plus a generous dose of sugar looks like. It was eye opening and super cute. When will someone figure out a way to bottle it up and sell it?

What was your weekend like?


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Style & Poise said...

I am a polka dot fanatic and this jumpsuit is all of that and some!


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