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Holding on to Summer in Sequins

The temps have come down enough for me to wear the pretty sequins from the Memorial Day thrift haul. Sequins are my go to outfit for a night out when I don't feel like futzing about. It's statement jewelry. It's sparkle. It's fancy dress with jeans. Add the heels I can barely walk in anymore and I'm already for to party. By party, I mean sit down with a cocktail in my hand.


Just when I think I've curbed my obsession with sequins, I find a top too beautiful to resist. The bright candy colored sequins are different from the shiny tones of the rest of the collection. It was also purchased on a sale day and only cost $3. 


With my other vintage sequin tops, I had to make decisions on the shoulder pads. Shoulder pad removal can be hit or miss. The shape can totally flop and ruin the look of the top without them. I was totally okay with leaving these shoulder pads in. The shape is very natural and they're not football sized. If anything, they make my shape look more hourglass.


I have avoided wearing jeans most of the summer. They feel so weird on my skin now. A little extra thickness in the thighs? Perhaps. Luckily, these are my anywhere anyhow jeans. Thrifted, of course. They're so easy to wear. The straight cut is very classic and the length can be worn with flats or heels. They're the only jeans in my closet that have this versatility.


I don't want to see summer go but I am glad to put my toes away without a pool of sweat forming in my shoes. I bought these pumps to wear in spring but it got hot real fast. I haven't worn them much at all. Now I'm ahead of the fall wardrobe game.


I absolutely intend to keep soaking up the summer weather. I'm still wearing shorts and I'm still wearing dresses.  I'm happy to see a few pieces like the sequin tops return though.

Are you going dressing for fall or holding on to summer?




Style & Poise said...

Lovely Top!


LIVforstyle said...

Such a statement top. Love it.



SkokieShopper said...

I'm somewhere in the middle---but I'm not quite ready to jump into long jeans now. We need to thrift together! But, here's the rub for me. I think I've been getting *sick* going in these moldy stores so I'm going to take a break and hit up the end of summer yardsales or flea markets!


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