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Aerie in a Thrift Store Sundress

This post contains an Aerie bra sent to me for review. Perfect timing as it fits perfectly under the deep, plunging neckline of my newest thrift store score.

I had to wear the Jams World sundress before the changing of the seasons. It's from the last thrift haul when I ended up with a lot of great pieces to take me to the end of summer.


I had never heard of Jams World and didn't realize how expensive the dress is. The quality is definitely there so I wasn't to surprised by the retail price. There were other prints on the rack too in equally great shape. I think it's deadstock judging by how it looked when I pulled it out of the wash.


Post wash, it was super wrinkly but ironed beautifully. Good fabric will do that. It's well made and richly colorful with two deep side pockets.

It's flattering too. It hits my curves right and isn't tight on the jiggle bits. It's a little small in the bust. Its a known issue I have with this type of neckline and I usually avoid similar dress styles all together. I couldn't resist the tropical print though.

My normal utilitarian bra armor with the thick straps and full back coverage don't look good with this dress. Instead, I'm wearing the Sunnie Pushup Bra by Aerie, the intimates division of American Eagle. It's definitely "perking" things up just as it claims to do.


I had stopped wearing demi bras because I wasn't able to find one that doesn't cause quadruple boob by the end of the day. This one is really comfortable and the padding isn't super thick. It provides nice structure and gives me a fuller look without being obnoxiously larger than my own breast.

I did notice a bit of slippage but not full quadruple boob after a few hours. That may be due to the size I ordered. I normally wear 34DDD but I ordered 32DDD. Size matters when it comes to bras.

thrift style bloggers

An ill fitting bra can make or break an outfit. You have to try them on even if you know your size by hard. The same size differs from brand to brand and style to style just like thrift stores!

Not surprising, my husband thinks it looks fine though. The dress and the bra are definitely not man repellent.

What's your bra style? 



Madam Too Much said...

I got introduced to Jams world last month at Macys and this dress is Fabulous & Sexy on You. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

You and the dress look awesome! Unfortunately I never have to worry about spillage hahaha!!!

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