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6 Reasons to Give Culottes a Try

I am crazy for culottes. When I discovered an unworn pair in my "for sale" closet, I did the same squeal I did when I first spotted them at Salvation Army. I do realize they aren't everyone's favorite. The trend is very comfortable and easy to wear so they're definitely worth a try especially if you find a pair at the thrift store.


1. Culottes are basically a skirt. There are different styles and different length. Find the pair that work for you. I will admit that I've seen a few fugly one. Mainly, because I'm imaging myself in them. That doesn't mean someone else won't look amazing in them.


2. Women have been rocking them on and off since the 30s. They have staying power. They make the rounds repeatedly in the world of trend -- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


3. Culottes are for all seasons. They're long enough to keep legs warm and easy to layer with tights in winter. In summer, they provide a nice airy breeze through the very full leg openings.

4.  They are easy to wear and comfortable. You can ride a bike, do back flips, and stand over sidewalk grates without fear of showing all the business!


5. You can dress them up or down. Focusing on the skirt-like qualities should make the styling easier.

6. The word culottes has French origins and we all know they know a thing or two about fashion.


I rediscovered my culottes when I found them in the for sale closet. It's the closet I use for thrift store stuff that doesn't really fit me, needs to be mended or I don't know what to do with it. They were a bit tight when I bought them last year. Miracle of miracles they fit this year!

Glad I gave them another try. They're fab and I'm looking forward to wearing them more this fall.

What trends are you crazy about?



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14th Street Vintage said...

Dang, those things are amazing! Like for real. I love 'em.

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