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Reasons to Love Vintage Jeans

What rock did I just climb out from under? I've spent a lot of time wishing for high rise jeans to make a full fashion resurgence. All it took was a trip to the thrift store and I'm there like all the time. It's as if a whole new world of vintage exploration opened up to me.


After reading a Stylecaster post on buying vintage Levi's and with a little encouragement from a fellow thriftanista, I took the leap into the world of vintage denim wearing. I wasn't specifically looking for Levi's just seeking my beloved high waist.


I had never considered vintage denim. They didn't look all that great on me back in the day. They also get a bad wrap with the "mom jeans" and "dad jeans" label. Turns out those 90s era jeans are working out for me now. The bod has changed over the last 20 years.

I thrifted two pairs. One mom and one dad. Currently wearing dad. Here's what I discovered and why I'm now in love with vintage blue jeans.

They work great as shapewear.

The fabric is really sturdy and sucks everything in and holds it in place. By it, I mean my belly fat. The jeans offer extra firm control. I can wear them multiple times without having them grow and become too big either. I attribute that to the lack of spandex which is usually a saving grace when trying to create shape.


Higher waistline. 

I can't tell you how good it feels to bend over and sit down without showing off my underwear. I'm sure the people seated behind me on the after school activities parent bleachers are feeling good about my choice in jeans too.


High rise jeans were made for tucked in tees so even when I'm strolling out for the early morning kid drop, I feel like I tried.

Mens jeans offer a custom fit.

Vintage mens jeans have exact waist and inseam measurements on them so it's easier to fit to the body. This haul was my first time trying on men's jeans and I love them. I thought because of the curves of body that men's jeans would just hang loose and shapeless. That wasn't the case. I tried a few pairs on and they looked about the same as the ones from the women's dept. The really big draw is being able to find a shorter inseam.


Cheap but not cheap.

Five dollar jeans from the thrift store are 99.9% better quality than a $5 retail pair. They've managed to survive at least 20 years with little fading and no stretching. I was afraid they would go from just right to super tight after washing but they didn't. There was very little difference in the feel or the sizing.

Tell me I'm not the only one late to the vintage jeans party?



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Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Very cute. Love the throwback look...the pants fit like a glove. NICE classic and chic look!

~Whitney 'Nic' James

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