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How I Succumbed to Leggings as Pants

Looks like we're here again with the great "leggings as pants" debate. I've always denied their ability to be true pants as you see things you don't normally see when wearing pants -- camel toes, lumpy parts, thong underwear, and in some cases the full monty. That's not the fashion team I'm trying to be on. Until now. It's taken five years in the mommyhood to get to this point but I feel like wearing stretchy pull on pants every single day.


Here's why.

Kindergarten drop off is a whole new level of adjustment. It's pretty dang early especially if mornings aren't your favorite. I feel like I get in bed. Blink. Then my alarm goes off and it's go time.

I shower, dress, get V ready, feed her, and have her at school in 50 minutes or less. I'm friggin' tired. I now understand how parents end up at school drop in pjs. I made it through pre-k just fine and I attribute that to waking up 30 minutes before V.


Now I'm getting us both squared a way during that time and I absolutely cannot get up any earlier. Losing out on that me time has me confused. The leggings are all I can see in the pre-coffee haze.

Second, I've started walking in the morning. I'm practicing self care by focusing on fitness and nutrition instead of snacks and wine. It's extremely convenient for me to drop V off and immediately do the walk.


Not a morning person and not an exercise person. Being dressed in workout gear is half the battle. By the way, I'm not going for a walk in blouse, jewelry and boots. When I'm not living the hermit life of a work at home mom, I try to be presentable. I keep the leggings though because they are comfortable in addition to being super convenient.

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My third reason for succumbing to leggings is the laundry factor. Wearing two outfits a day instead of one creates more laundry for me. Can you guess what my third most detested activity is? Yes, you are correct. I recently chopped down the laundry mountain. I'm trying to keep control. Sticking to one outfit a day helps my cause.

So as you can plainly see, leggings have made my life easier right now. I'm not sure when I'll grow out of this phase. No worries though, I did a transparency check.

That's my story. What's yours?

Do you wear leggings?



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