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18 Reasons to Love Thrift Store Deadstock

In terms of thrifting, nothing is sweeter than finding never worn merchandise with the tags still on. Sometimes it's the leftovers from Target and other major retailers. Other times it's a one of a kind vintage find. Either way, I think it's pretty amazing that in all the hustle and bustle of thrift stores the tags manage to stay intact.


This green khaki skirt is my latest deadstock find. It's my new mom skirt. It's casual and functional. I love the button front and the ability to leave a few buttons undone to add interest. You know what else is great about this skirt? It has side waist elastic. I can't wait to take my skirt out to brunch.

It's not the only time I've found treasures with tags still on. Some of my favorites include:

A $5 jumpsuit with a retail value over $100.

It wasn't my first jumpsuit though. There was the red print vintage Liz Claiborne and a teal 80s one.


I found a Hawaiian dress from Jams World towards the end of summer. Also, found a black and white vintage dress with back cutouts in that thrift haul.

Givenchy body shaper pantyhose are probably my strangest deadstock find or maybe it was the footed pjs.

I was super bummed that a vintage pussybow blouse didn't fit. Then, I spotted it's twin in exactly the right size!  I wore it with very expensive deadstock clogs.


The Hunter Dixon designer dress was either deadstock or went unnoticed in someone's closet.

Same goes for the Cynthia Rowley find.

Looking forward to wearing the flirty vegan leather skirt with laser cutouts this fall.


I like the lace skirt but never find the right place to wear it or what to wear it with. Perhaps, a metallic silver tweed jacket is a good option?

The thrift gods sent gold sequin top blessings along with a plaid house dress that is extremely comfortable and surprisingly figure flattering.

Las Vegas was good to me.  A deadstock asymmetrical jacket has become one of my favorite thrift store finds.

Do you come across a lot of deadstock in your local thrift store?

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tao said...

Never heard the term "deadstock" before, thanks! Our local GW gets a lot of Target leftovers, but usually nothing I personally find interesting. Every now and then something shows up on the racks that you just know was purchased, languished in someone's closet unworn, and ended up being donated. (And I'm ashamed to say I've done it myself a time or two!)

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