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SAHM Summer Style Trifecta

This is my idea of summer time mom style perfection -- a pull on day dress, light jewelry, and a comfortable yet stylish wedge. I'm glad that perfection can be found at my favorite stores and most of it is thrifted.

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Day Dress
The dress is a Zara thrift find from a Goodwill in L.A. You know I love an elastic waist. It's figure flattering, washable and doesn't wrinkle. Mint lace isn't really what I've been missing in my closet but I'm happy to have it in my closet. I like the open back that's not really open. I wear it often. 

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Light Jewelry
I usually have at least one vintage piece in the mix of every outfit I wear. It's one of my favorite thrift style tips. The necklace is tarnished and I like it that way. I like the design and it's my go to piece when an outfit needs something but I'm too lazy or too rushed to figure out what.

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I have too many sunglasses but that does not stop me from buying more. I don't think I can fit another pair in the dish. I've been carrying a giant tote bag all summer long big enough for my stuff, mom stuff, and a million old receipts. You know what wasn't in my tote for the thrifting road trip? Sunnies. I left every pair I own at home so I was forced to bring home two more pairs.

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Wedge Heels
I love heels but they don't love me back. My mom wore heels everyday all day. I cannot but my legs look so much longer in them. I'm very much into the white lug sole trend and bought a pair that were too high for daily wear. I returned them and found Seychelles 70s style white wedges. Winner. These are walkable.

zara dress from goodwill

What's your go to summer mom style?


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