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DIY Pick a Pocket

There comes a time in every thriftanista's life when she has to pick a pocket or two. Pockets are easy to remove and can be just the minor change to transform the look of a piece. The orange maxi skirt went from sporty to casual cool. The pocket on this dress was just disrespectful so it had to go.


I found this dress on a ½ of day at Goodwill in Los Angeles. It's that type I like. Elastic waist and easy to pull on. I like the vintage look of it too and of course the blood orange color. Three bucks. Sold!


The pocket was a constant reminder that my boobs aren't high enough.  I have this pocket trouble all the time. Even before Violet and before 40. My chest are is just unusually long in addition to post breastfeeding and aging boobage. Bodies are fun and they're all different!


I try to stay away from projects when thrifting but they always find me. This one is quick though. It took about 5 minutes plus 2 months of procrastination.


Even if you're not a sewer, you need a seam ripper in your life. It's such a handy tool. I use it to easily pull staples from thrift store tags. It's also useful for the intended purpose of ripping out seams. Every seamstress has one. You don't want to have to use it but it's nice to have if you accidentally sew a right side to a wrong side.


It's very easy to use. Insert the ripper into the stitch and gently pull up. You only have to do every third or fourth stitch. You must take special care at the beginning and end of the stitch as they are very sturdy and tough. They can create an obvious hole if you don't tread lightly.

When you're done, pick out all the cut threads and wash the garment to close up any teeny tiny holes left behind.

Do you pick pockets?



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Madam Too Much said...

Love the color of this dress and Yes I have been a pickpocket before. Pockets can be a nuisance or a treasure.

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