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blu PLUS+ e-Cig Gift and DIY Vintage Inspired Carrying Case

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One of my favorite things to do in Atlanta is hookah with my friend. I decided to buy a smaller, portable substitute so that we can enjoy the experience without necessarily being out on the town.

Sometimes you just want to stay home with wine, snacks, and a movie. I purchased an e-Cig without having a clue about what it was other than it reminds me of the hookah experience.

blu plus+ e-cig #shop

While I was visiting L.A., I walked into a vape store and came out with one I knew nothing about. Once home, I presented BFF with a non working product gift. I had to MacGyver it to get it working and YouTube demos to figure out how to use it.

I realize the error of my ways and upgraded to the less expensive blu PLUS+ e-Cigs Xpress Kit. By far, a much better product. blu Plus+ is:

Better Quality

Tank technology is quicker and easier to use. blu PLUs+ design is sleeker and sturdier with silicone parts.

I fiddled with the e-Cig I bought previously because I had no options. Fix it or throw it away. blu PLUS+ includes a 1-year warranty and all returns are processed and shipped within 48 hours.

If you’re having trouble, there’s an entire website with demos and FAQ’s or you can easily call on helpful customer service reps who are experts in blu PLUS+ knowledge!

Readily Available

The tanks for blu PLUS+ can be found at your local convenience store, gas stations and online. You can have them delivered right to the door with FREE shipping! No minimum amount either for that perk.

blu plus+ e-cig tanks ordered online #shop

When you buy the Xpress kit online, it includes a free pack of tanks (while supplies last). It’s a $30 value for only $14.99. So if you’re interested in trying one or gifting to a friend, grab the offer online now.

Easy to Use

The one I bought without researching didn’t come with instructions or a specific site to go to and troubleshoot why it wasn’t working. blu PLUS+ is very intuitive and simple to use.

Pouring the juice into e-Cigs correctly is quite the chore too. With blu PLUS+, simply screw the tank to the battery.

To use, inhale and you’ll see the signature blue tip light up. Exhale and you’ll briefly see the vapor.

Long Lasting Flavor

blu PLUS+ tanks comes in several nicotine strengths including no nicotine at all. Plus, there’s a few different flavors to choose from. The vapor is very flavorful and full bodied with a mix of domestic and imported ingredients.

Because of its tank technology, there’s more juice and more vapor than traditional e-Cigs with the cotton wick. It’s long lasting too averaging 550 puffs per tank.

blu plus+ e-cig xpress with tanks #shop

blu PLUS+ e-Cig Case

To add a little personalization to the gift, I made a gift box that can also be used as an e-Cig case to keep it protected. You don’t want purse dust bunnies getting into the tip.


empty candy tin
textured paper (I used velvet coated paper)
(3) 2” strips of elastic
decorative paper or gift wrap
mod podge

What to Do:

1. Cut textured paper to fit snugly inside of the tin. Poke holes through the paper to insert elastic.
Two holes horizontal to each other about ½ a part.

blu plus+ e-cig case tutorial #shop

2. Insert through back of paper to front and out to back.

diy ecig case #shop

3. Secure with a large piece of tape. Glue to bottom of tin.

tin covered with art deco decoupage paper #shop

4. Add pieces of decorative paper to top and bottom of tin and affix with mod podge.


e-cig case made from recycled altoids tin #shop

To learn more about blu PLUS+, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Visit  for an exclusive offer They are very active on social media with giveaways and prizes too!

Do you vape? What’s your experience?



David @ said...

I've always wondered about e-cigarettes...thank you for sharing! #client

Unknown said...

That was great to know.I will be getting e-Cig Coil Rebuilding Tanks Coils & Wicks soon. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.

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